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Are you looking for a truck-mounted crane, mobile crane or loading crane? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Crane rental services provided by one of Franconia’s largest truck-mounted crane rental companies.

Serving your region since 1945, with our fleet of more than 70 truck-mounted cranes. With our wide range of vehicles, including truck-mounted cranes, mobile construction cranes, loading cranes, telescopic cranes, crawler cranes, and city cranes, we offer safe, cost-effective solutions for all projects involving oversize and overweight loads.

Rent mobile cranes of up to 500 tonnes.

Our smallest cranes (2 axles) have a lifting capacity of 30 tons; our largest truck-mounted cranes (8 axles) can lift heavy loads of up to 500 tonnes. Contact us, be it in person, by email or by telephone, to avail of the expert help and advice of our trained crane specialists. With them, your next project is sure to be a success.

Truck-mounted crane rental services at 6 locations

  • Rent truck-mounted crane, loading crane, mobile crane in Nürnberg
  • Crane rental, mobile crane in Würzburg
  • Crane rental, telescopic crane rental in Schweinfurt
  • Crane rental, loading crane rental in Bamberg
  • Crane rental in Coburg
  • Truck crane, loading crane, mobile crane rental in Erlangen

All cranes everywhere – benefit from the Markewitsch group’s broad range of services

Our network provides you with a comprehensive range of services. Should ever a crane type be in short supply, our network of branches can step in to help. So if the crane you need is already reserved at the branch closest to you, we can quickly arrange for a mobile crane from another branch to be provided.

Truck-mounted crane fleet boasting the latest in hydraulic systems.

With our fleet of mobile and truck-mounted cranes, all boasting cutting-edge hydraulic systems, we offer safe, individualised solutions for any type of task! We have been providing reliable mobile crane rental services for 75 years.
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Martin Markewitsch
Tel: +49 911 96288-11

Andre Markewitsch
Tel: +49 911 96288-33

Matthias Markewitsch
Tel: +49 911 96288-29

Anja Schirm
Tel: +49 911 96288-15

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